Bomb Rabbit

Explosion Rabbit is a casual competitive battle game. The left hand controls the movement of the character, and the right hand c...

Cat or Cat

It is a super casual game. Only 1% of people in the world can challenge success! Come and challenge the global ranking!

3D, Tower Defense
Eat up!!!

Travel around the world with the princess and taste the world's delicacies! Crazy Kitchen Defense is a highly strategic tower defense game. The pictures are beautiful and cute, the plot is interesting, the 12 kinds of kitchenware are full of personality, and each level has a unique gameplay design. All monsters represent a local characteristic, come and find out if there is any special food in your hometown!

Seal Commando

Super hitting, one-finger operation, the strongest single soldier of epic level!

Super hit shooting game. One-finger operation...

Wonderful Aquarium

Drive your submarine through the unpredictable world of the sea, catch hundreds of new fish species, DIY your own oceanarium and...

Ya's Ocean Aquarium

Ya's Ocean Aquarium is a simulation management game. Ya runs an aquarium through her own efforts. She goes to the sea to catch r...

Crazy Cola

"Crazy coke" is a very trendy strategy turn game. It's easy to play. The picture is very exquisite. Thousands of fashionable clothes are worn at will, with strong personalization. Character and equipment can combine hundreds of thousands of effects, which is more strategic than you think!

NEW, Game, Strategy
World of Koda

Comical ancient clansmen; unique Koda animals; peculiar plants, buildings and resources. All are waiting for a hero to emerge an...