Newest Game
World of Koda

Lead your tribe to prosperity!

Newest Game
World of Koda

Build and strengthen your tribe

Newest Game
World of Koda

Team up with your guild to create a powerful caveman force.

App Game
Ya's Ocean Aquarium

Ya's Ocean Aquarium is a simulation management game. Ya runs an aquarium through her own efforts. She goes to the sea to catch r...

Digger of Museum

'Digger of Museum' is a leisure hang up game. It's easy to play. Through simple play, you can get cash bonus! Perfect for all ag...

Crazy Cola

"Crazy coke" is a very trendy strategy turn game. It's easy to play. The picture is very exquisite. Thousands of fashionable clothes are worn at will, with strong personalization. Character and equipment can combine hundreds of thousands of effects, which is more strategic than you think!

NEW, Game, Strategy
World of Koda

Comical ancient clansmen; unique Koda animals; peculiar plants, buildings and resources. All are waiting for a hero to emerge an...


We aim to make the world a better place through high-quality games and entertainment.

About us

Established in 2012, JTMD Game is dedicated to developing and publishing original, high quality games.
We focuses on quality content, IP creation and spreading the joy of gaming!

Veteran Dev Team

JTMD Game has a strong team culture made up of elite developers with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the gaming industry.
Our competitive salaries, flexible management and fun environment has attract talents for every stage in the game development.
From game content to graphic design, every member of our team takes it as their mission to produce the highest quality of work possible.

Global Presence

We produce games for a global audience, connecting people all over the world through the joy of gaming.
Our experienced marketing team promotes our games internationally, establishing JTMD’s reputation on the global stage.

Focused on Player Experience

We listen closely to the voice of our customers, optimizing game experience based on their suggestions and feedback.
We spare no efforts to provide outstanding games, positive gaming space and customer service for our users.

Brand Innovation

AT JTMD Game our culture is all about love and positivity, which we think is reflected in our games.
We are dedicated to growing our product offerings without straying from our original core values or brand culture.

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